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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is a special day indeed! It's my Mom's birthday! We had the pleasure of celebrating yesterday and it was a joy to spend time as a family! My Mom has been THE best Mom...she has always been there for us. She sacrificed so much to give us the best. I'm so blessed to still have her and thank God for her everyday!

Growing up I remember jumping in mud puddles to play, while wearing a pretty church dress. I remember asking her if we could play with her pricey Mary Kay make-up and she would say Yes! (only because she was napping and not really aware of what we were asking!) LOL I remember laying on the couch one morning and she brought me a tin pie plate full of baby frogs...I loved them!

She handed down some wonderful mothering skills like making potato and egg tacos w/ Lay's potato chips,  or Miga tacos from fritos and eggs! And...she also taught me NOT sweat the small stuff. Her favorite quotes are: "There's worse things." and "Ten years from now, will all of this really matter?!"

Thanks Mom for being so wonderful! I hope you have a very blessed BIRTHDAY!!!!

Love you lots~~~~

Have a blessed Sunday!
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