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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

DIY Mini Keepsake Album

I love 2 things right now, Journaling Cards from GROWING MEADOWS and Little Mini Happy Planners!!! I have bought a couple of these Mini Keepsake Planners, but wanted to try my hand at customizing one for myself!

I found that the Journal Cards are the same size as the covers on these tiny planner books.
These are available here:  Tambourine Journaling Cards

I started out by rounding the corners on my cards and then laminated them. 
I found some paper bits and used a sheet from the MAMBI mini, that I purchased, as a guide to cut out several sheets of printed papers. I used the same sheet to mark where to put my holes. 
I used a regular hole puncher and then scissors to make a small V from the edge. This helps them slip onto the discs. 

Here's the back cover. 

This was such a fun little project! Imagine all the fun variations that you could make. One for sports, movies, baby milestones, weddings, etc!!!! 

Thanks for stopping by! Be blessed!!!

Friday, January 11, 2019

How to add Journaling Cards to your Happy Planner!

Good afternoon!!! Boy, it's been such a LONG time!!! Life got a little rough at the end of 2018. 
But I declare 2019 to be a year of BLESSINGS!!! 

I am super excited to share that I am a Creative Team member for Growing Meadows. I cannot tell you how happy this makes me feel!! I truly love all of Tai's products. When you get a chance, jump on over to her Etsy shop: Growing Meadows on Etsy to see all the beautiful stamps, journaling cards, totes, and more! 

This year I have started off using 2 Mini Happy Planners. One for everyday life, and one as a Faith Warrior binder, to keep bible verses, inspirations, quotes, etc. I love using Tai's Journaling Cards in my binders so that I can enjoy them every time I open them up!

Pictured here is one that I laminated. While I was trimming away the excess laminate film, I decided to leave some extra on the left side of the card. I then lined it up with my planner discs and marked it with a marker so I could punch holes. After punching the holes I used my scissors and cut in a V shape to snap this onto my discs.

Thanks for stopping by! Have a Blessed Friday!!