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Friday, August 03, 2018

Handmade Gift Tag

WooHoo!!! It's FRIYAY!!!!!

I was wrapping a gift the other night and realized I didn't  have a card for my bag. Here's the scenerio: I live about 10 miles from the nearest town, it's 9:00pm, and I"m in my PJ's. What do I do??

I MAKE a tag!!!!

I grabbed a piece of scrap cardstock, cut it to size and punched a border along the bottom using a Martha Stewart border punch. I found a piece from a vintage hymnal, cut that to size and adhered it. I then added a butterfly (epherema) and a printed Beloved Society Girl. I had some butterfly ribbon in my stash too. Why not add that!!!? :)
I finished this off with a mini tab, a handmade paper clip, and some polka dotted ribbon. All in the comfort of my pj's. LOL

I also made her a bookmark for the Journaling Bible I gave to her. 

And added the tag to her gift bag. 

Have a great weekend!!! Be blessed!

Thursday, August 02, 2018

Bible Journaling-Psalm 147:4

Happy Thursday to you!! Today is actually my Friday, and I'm really looking forward to a slower pace these next few days. 

Today I'm sharing 
Psalm 147:4

"He counts the number of the stars;
He calls them all by name."

What a mighty God we serve that  HE knows how many stars are in our universe, and he calls them all by name! 

I have 3 kids and sometimes can't get their names straight, imagine ALL the stars have a name and our Lord Almighty knows each and every one of them!! That tells me, that HE knows me!!! I am one of many, many "stars" yet he calls me by name and knows me!!!
Page details: Beloved Society girl from Illustrated Faith Print and Pray Shop, printed stars, glitter, glitter washi and a scrap from a vintage hymnal. 

Thanks for visiting! Have a blessed Thursday!

Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Bible Journaling--Ruth 3:18

Well, hey there folks!!! I know it's been way too long since I've updated this blog. But like I've said, LIFE HAPPENS. 
Today I'm sharing 
Ruth 3:18 "'Wait my daughter, until you see how the matter turns out."

I'm really loving this verse right now. I stress. about. everything. I KNOW I shouldn't, but I do. :(
I always pray for peace and trust in God's will. 

When I read this verse, it really spoke to me. 

Page details: Variety of letter stickers, Beloved Society girl: from Illustrated Faith Print and Pray Shop.  Cross stamps: Illustrated Faith, Word Stickers: Tim Holtz, Crown Stickers: unknown

Thanks for stopping by!
Be blessed!!