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Thursday, April 24, 2014

My "MOJO" is back.......I think!!!

As you can see, I've been "away" for a long time. Life got crazy and I slowed down. Been suffering from some pinched nerves, that cause my hands and arms to go to sleep, getting treatment, but I'm only partially healed. Then I was diagnosed w/ High Blood Pressure. Not fun.

I was always on the run....running here and there with work, chores, and life's responsibilities.
After all this...I didn't have the time, energy or desire to create like I used to. UNTIL...lastnight!

I needed a baby gift for a lady from here at work. She decided on an owl theme for her baby girl that will be arriving soon,  so I looked thru my stash of supplies and came up with this:

I made her 3 burp cloths and a matching card. The owl fabric was some leftover remnants, found this print at Hobby Lobby many months ago. The polka dotted fabric and ric-rac is from Walmart.
The owl image was found on Pinterest pre-colored so it was perfect. The card is a box of plain cards I found at Ross. They came in a variety of prints, so I just add an image and embellies!

And the inside of the card....sentiment was found on Pinterest also.

And here's the set:

I pray I am completely healed, God makes miracles I know I'm on His list of 'to-dos'!
I really enjoyed crafting lastnight and here's hoping....I'm back in the game!!!! :)

Have a wonderful Thursday!!!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Well, HI there!!!!

Wow! It's been a longgg time since I've been here. Life has just been a roller coaster and I had to focus on other things and put aside my blogging...and crafting!  In November 2013 our 9 yr. old yellow lab, Cash was diagnosed w/ Mass Cell Tumor cancer. He underwent surgery to remove 3 tumors and recovered well. But in January, the tumors started coming back. We were so discouraged and devastated. Since then, he has been on tumor shrinking meds, antibiotics and steroids. His life is not over, he still is so healthy in other ways...full of energy and besides the tumors, is doing very well.
Here is Cash in his favorite spot on the front porch.

Then in December we got 2 more labs.....they are brother and sister, we named them Cocoa and are their 1st photos:
"Shelby" was changed to "Cocoa" cause I thought it suited them both better. (sorry, hubby). He wanted to name him Shelby after the Ford Mustang...uh, he's not a horse! LOL

Here is Mocha...she is sweet, full of energy, stubborn, and downright dramatic!! But I love her!!!

This is Cocoa...he is sweet, calm, cool and collected.

They are growing in leaps and bounds............

And this is our Presley!!! He is the BEST dog. 6 yrs. old and super sweet! He's so quiet, when he barks it's the oddest thing. Will play Frisbee 24 hours a day if you let him!

Thanks for visiting me today!!!

Have a blessed Wednesday!!!!