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Monday, December 15, 2014

Journaling Bible: My Grace is Sufficient for You

Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Monday is here again, and time for another busy work week. I enjoy my weekends, where I can sneak in some quiet time and journal in my bible. 
I use an ESV Journaling Bible by Crossway. 

For this image, I am thankful for the talent of Andrea at A Work of Heart. She was kind enough to share this image with us. Andrea is so talented and creative!!!!

This is from  2 Corinthians 9, 10:

These are the supplies I used. I colored in my image w/ Copic Markers, and did some coloring over the bottom verse w/ my water color pencils by Oxford. I like to use the thin, mini glue dots by Elmer's to adhere my print out to my bible page. A few markers and a stamp here and there, and I was done. 

Thanks for stopping by! It's always a joy to see my visitors!

Have a blessed Monday!

Monday, December 08, 2014

Journaling Bible: You Reap what you Sow

 I hope your week has started out well! We are having beautiful weather here in Texas and for that I am thankful!

Today I am sharing Galatians 6:7 with you:
"God will NOT be mocked, you REAP what you SOW! "

 Now Ain't the Truth?! This verse has been around for many, many years. Many know it by heart, and many have lived it. We all Reap what we Sow!!! 

Clear Stamp by Pure Innocence, various alphabet stickers, Blue Washi was found in a set at Michael's and Salmon colored washi is from Target's $1 spot ( I LOVE that SPOT!)
The "Illustrated By" stamp is by Basic Grey. 

Now I'm off to bed. Today was a very busy day...and I am beyond tired!!
I thank God for each day that I can get up and rise and lay down and rest!

Be Blessed!

Sunday, December 07, 2014

Week 50 in my Personal Ochre Malden & My NEW Favorite Pen!!!

HI there!! Hope your Sunday is going well!!! Today I am sharing Week 50 in my Ochre Malden. 
I just love this planner of mine. I love the size, the color, and all it's cute little pockets!!

Please forgive my photos...they are not the greatest. I took them on Saturday night, so my lighting was not THE best. :) 

The page flags and dotted washi are from Target's $1 spot. The Chevron Washi and Memory cards were found at WalMart.

I found this paper in one of my hubby's old work notebooks. I love that one side is graph paper and the other side is lined paper!
I cut it down and punched holes in it to fit into my planner!

And now...for my NEW Favorite Pen! I found it at Alco yesterday and fell in love with it!
All Alco's are going out of business so everything is 20-40% off. 
I made a bee-line for the office supplies!
These pens are by Pentel and called Finito. It's black, permanent ink that does not bleed through and it has an EXtra Fine Tip!!!
I paid $3.19 for all 3 pens!!! 

So there you have it...Week 50 in my planner this week!!!
Hope your week is a wonderful one!

Monday, December 01, 2014

Journaling Bible: Going Forward

Hi there! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I am thankful that all three of my kids made it home to spend a couple of days with us. I always worry about them on the road, but thanks to God, they made it home safely...and then back to their homes safe and sound. It's always a blessing to have all 3 under one roof!

Today I'm sharing Philippians 3:13 with you. I always have to remind myself to always look forward, to stop looking back. Looking back at my past life, my regrets, my mistakes, etc. God told me in a dream about a year ago..."Move forward..." I think I've always dwelled on my mistakes and how they have hindered my relationship with God. 

So..I have been working on moving foward, looking to what's ahead, and growing closer to God. Focusing on the end result

I treated myself to these markers by PaperMate. I was concerned about them maybe bleeding through my pages. I only used the black color, and it did not bleed through! {{big smile}}
I have also used these in my Filofax planner and they did not bleed through those pages either.

And this is our rescue dog, Handsome! This was taken on 
Thanksgiving Day. I think 
he looks quite content!

Have a wonderful Monday!!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Journaling Bible-Acts 4:12

Happy Tuesday to you!!! Boy I have been so busy with work and getting ready for Thanksgiving. I hadn't had any time to sit down with my journaling bible. 

I worked on this one the other night....and it felt so wonderful to finally have some quiet time to reflect on God's word.

Acts 4:12 "And there is SALVATION in no one else for there is NO OTHER name under Heaven."

You can only find your Salvation through ONE God.....our God.

Details: Letter stickers: The Paper Studio, Round sticker: Dear Lizzy, at the bottom: Washi Tape 

I am enjoying my afternoon off. Hoping to get some crafting done! Have a blessed day!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Who Rescued Who?

My son sent me this sign the other night that said, "Who Rescued Who?"

He said it reminded him of me and our new rescue: Handsome. I guess it's true to some point, because when I'm holding him, or playing with him, I think to myself...who's happier, Me? or Handsome? LOL

This was "Hank" and "Handsome" (we named them because they had no tags) back in September when we found them along a busy intersection about 5 miles out of town. 
Hank is up for adoption at the San Antonio Human Society, I still worry about 
him. I KNOW he's in good hands there, but I just hope and pray he finds a forever loving home. 
We had 3 big dogs already, and just could not keep both of them.

And this is Handsome. He gets along well with our poodle Bella. They play together which is big plus, because Bella needed a playmate. 

Have a blessed Wednesday!

Thanks again to Judy's Ark and Fresh and Clean Dog Grooming for all their help!
(links are on the Nov. 2nd post)

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Week 46 in my Ochre Malden & Some Handmade Dividers

First of all...Thank YOU to all the service men and women that have served and protected our country in the past and present. God bless each and every one of you. I, myself, have several veteran's in our family. Thank you!!!!

Everyone that knows me, knows I love animals....always have. They are God's creatures, and I care for them Great and Small. 

For Week 46 I'm using some super cute dog stickers I found at WalMart, plus I'm using a Poodle Paper clip that I bought off someone on our Facebook group. :) I'm so happy I got these from her!

The other day I was at Michael's and found these on clearance for $3.

I loved the dividers w/ tabs at the top. It had cardstock sheets, embossed papers?, stickers, and 4 sheets of photo page protectors. (I'll show you how I used those on another post later). 

I cut some of the dividers to fit my  planner and laminated them. Now they fit perfectly in 
my Personal size Ochre Malden Planner. 

I will using the other bits and pieces of this kit when I'm making handmade cards. 

Thanks for stopping by! Have a blessed Tuesday.