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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

DIY Mini Keepsake Album

I love 2 things right now, Journaling Cards from GROWING MEADOWS and Little Mini Happy Planners!!! I have bought a couple of these Mini Keepsake Planners, but wanted to try my hand at customizing one for myself!

I found that the Journal Cards are the same size as the covers on these tiny planner books.
These are available here:  Tambourine Journaling Cards

I started out by rounding the corners on my cards and then laminated them. 
I found some paper bits and used a sheet from the MAMBI mini, that I purchased, as a guide to cut out several sheets of printed papers. I used the same sheet to mark where to put my holes. 
I used a regular hole puncher and then scissors to make a small V from the edge. This helps them slip onto the discs. 

Here's the back cover. 

This was such a fun little project! Imagine all the fun variations that you could make. One for sports, movies, baby milestones, weddings, etc!!!! 

Thanks for stopping by! Be blessed!!!

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