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Friday, September 25, 2015

Disney World Trip in The Happy Planner

Gosh, I didn't realize it had been THIS long since my last post. Life seems to get in the way and I neglect the FUN stuff!!! 

Last week, we were at Disney really was a magical vacation! I decided to pack my Happy Planner since I decided I would use it as a Memory Planner. 

First of all, excuse the dark photos, looks like it's getting ready to rain.

Here is the overall layout....
Those cute Disney die cuts came from a Instagram swap pal from Taiwan. 
The pretty pen was from another Instagram swap pal. 

Left side.

Right side. I even added one of the flattened pennies I got at our resort on Tuesday. 

Since I started using The Happy Planner I have been carrying my Rolodex punch with me. 
I used to use this when I altered rolodex cards..back in my crafting days. But now I love it because I can actually use it to add mementos to my planner.  For example I used it to punch a journaling card and our parking stub from the airport. 

Thanks for stopping by!! Have a blessed weekend!!!