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Sunday, August 09, 2015

This past week in my ECLP

Well we are 1 week into August. And boy does it feel like August in South Texas! It's HOT!!!! Most days are 100-102. This week I decided to use a pack of owls I picked up at WalMart. 

Most of the Washi I used is from Hobby Lobby. Quote stickers is my MAMBI.  Thin pink washi is from an online shop: Annie's Boutique. 

Making this short today....
Have a blessed Sunday!

Saturday, August 08, 2015

See the Beauty in Life

Happy Saturday to you! I took this photo after a long, stressful day with my Dad who is in the hospital. It landed on my mirror and looked right at me. 

This month will mark the 4 yr. anniversary of his major, life changing stroke. I kept hoping and praying for a full recovery...that didn't happen. Dad has many complications due to not taking care of himself. 

Many times that day I had to remind myself to see the blessings in the day and remember that God is in control. 

Love those around is too short. 

Friday, August 07, 2015

Planning in my ECLP-Camping Weekend

Hey there! I feel pretty bad about neglecting this blog. Life has just been busy. I dream of calm and relaxing days ahead. Someday..........

This past weekend, we took our church youth group to a River Retreat. We had a great time!
My hubby and I got there on Friday before everyone else to get things ready. We had not had rain for weeks....well that day...a surprise thunderstorm hit! We were in the cabins turning on A/C's and lights and walked out to the "Welcoming Crew"! 
There were about 20 goats taking cover. The rain didn't last long....but it was really nice!

Here is my week in my ECLP-

I used some camping stickers from WalMart (.97), Washi from Target and HobbyLobby and some scraps of card stock cut to fit into the squares. The motivational quotes were found on Pinterest.
I use a fine line Sharpie or my Pentel Finito to write in my ECLP. 

Thanks for stopping in ! Have a wonderful Friday!!!