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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Should I call this one "Wild Child"?

After spending many hours working on an outfit...I feel like I should name it! "Wild Child" came to my mind after creating this outfit! I used a technique from a pattern by Brassy Apple, then I embellished a tshirt to go with the jeans...and then, I couldn't stop there.....I had to make a matching head band!!!

       I'm linking this outfit to a really cute site: Night Owl Crafting, I find the cutest inspiration here!


 I think this one will go into my JustUsGirlz etsy shop.
Thanks for visiting tonight!!! I'm posting this early for Thursday because I just know my kids are gonna have lots to do. And when they have lots to do, I have lots to do!!!
Have a Blessed Wednesday night and an even better Thursday!


Donene said...

So, so cute! I love the whole outfit and the colors are darling!

The Autocrat: Haley said...

Looks really fabulous!

Ady said...

Gosh - that's just so cute!

Jodi said...

Fun and adorable!!
Jodi =)