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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Upcycled? Reinvented? Reborn?

I'm not exactly sure how to describe what I do with these outfits, but hopefully it will come to me soon!

You see yesterday, on Valentine's Day, I was home alone. Don't get me wrong, I love my hubby and kids, but after having my hubby home for 9 days (vacation days for him), I was ready for some "ME" time!

We celebrated Vday on Saturday night, so I didn't feel deprived at all. And lastnight I made him a really good Rib-eye steak dinner so he didn't feel deprived either! We had a wonderful night!!!

Anyway...during the day I was feeling creative and made these two outfits. Well, "semi-homemade" as Sandra Dee would say!LOL

I love shopping 2nd hand stores for good, quality denim, or super cute tops. And then I embellish the denim to create "one of a kind" outfits!

Like these!!!
I call this one the Cute Cupcake set! I found this adorable dress, but now it's a top. I paired it with some super cute jeans that have pink stitching. I made them capris, appliqued a handmade cupcake on the leg, and then embellished it with a button. The bows are removable for washing.
And then this one:

I found this cute size 4T denim skirt and appliqued a handmade Owl on it. I bought a tshirt at WalMart and ruffled some ribbon, and added buttons to it. Then I added more ribbon to use as a belt on the skirt.

So...this is what I did on  my Valentine's Day!!! Pretty productive day if I say so myself! LOL
Thanks for visiting today! Have a blessed Tuesday!

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Robbie said...

These are awesome....Such a clever girl you are.