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Tuesday, October 02, 2012

It's OUR Birthday!!

Hi there! Super quick post...just wanted to shout out that today is MY birthday AND my son's birthday!!! Isn't that THE greatest gift of all time?! I got a son for my birthday 21 years ago!!!!

This is not the greatest picture of was pouring rain the evening we took my hair is super curly..but I didn't care..I was sharing the evening with my kids and that's all that mattered!
Happy Birthday JOSH!! My Longhorn! I love you and wish you an awesome day!
And look how cool...we were both wearing the same color that night! :)

And I got these from my awesome husband today! Aren't they just beautiful! They look so pretty sitting on my desk and smell so wonderful!

Hope you have had as good a day as I have had! Be blessed!!!!


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Annette Allen said...

Happy Birthday...have a wonderful day..