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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Is this a "Grate" idea...or what!?

Hey there!!! I am BACK!! I've been missing in action since before the holidays. With work, family, projects, I haven't had much "me" time. :( I really miss that.  I've been up since early this morning, so I've had some "me" time today...but will getting ready for work I better hurry!!! he, he!

I found these huge, decorative cheese graters the other day and when I saw head started spinning!! My hubby thought I was crazy when I said..."I want them all!!"

Now of course they cannot be used to grate cheese, but they are pretty cute and practical in other ways:

1. Hang jewerly...or little reminders:

2. Keep in the kitchen to display a recipe card:

The possibilites are endless!! What would you do with a giant cheese grater?

Thanks for stopping in today, have a wonderful Wednesday!


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