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Friday, June 21, 2013

Happy 1st Day of Summer! and a PHOTO Challenge

I have to say, it's been feeling like summer for a few weeks now, but today is OFFICIALLY summer! I will be honest when I say I don't really care for's too hot, there's tons of mosquitos, and it hot, and flies pester you, and it's HOT!!! LOL

But...I do love a few things about summer too....a more relaxed schedule, my kids get to come visit from college, watermelon, tropical sno treats, ice cream, fresh fruits and veggies, and  sittin' on the porch watching a Texas sunset, just a new name a few things......

I found this photo challenge online, I kept trying to find a link to a blog of some sort, but it keeps taking me to a Wallpaper Pics Page
so if you find the blog to which it goes to, please let me know. Thanks!
It looks like fun and I plan on doing this challenge:
Have a wonderful Friday!!!

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