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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Confession Day....I have an Obsession

You see....for as long as I can remember, I've had this obsession with cups, tumblers and sometimes mugs. And I finally realized that it goes way back to my childhood. You see, my Mom took my bottle away at a very young age...I think I was 8 months old. I had this little pink cup I'd drink out of. I'm sure I struggled...but eventually succeeded I'm sure! LOL So...I have to put the blame somewhere...Thanks MOM!!! LOL

Not sure where she bought this cup, but it's about 45 years old.
 So I'm sure she only paid about 10 cents for it.

And that one lil' cup....led to this obsession:

These are currently part of my "favorites collection". My Divided House tumbler, which I made on my own, my Diva Zebra tumbler, and my Cute Owls tumbler.
And this set: Aluminum tumbler with my kids' photos, my Mason jar tumbler, Aluminum owl tumbler which I sadly have lost the lid, and the newest addition...
The Pink Owl" looks like a can" tumbler!!!
I found this one at a book store that has gone out of business. I lost the screw top and would love to find another. Looks like the one pictured, but the smaller version. Thanks for any help~~~~
Oh..and besides tumblers....I LOVE planners!!!! But that would be a whole other blog post!
I currently have these 3 in my purse...the Zebra one is my daily memory planner, I jot down special memories of the day, or news events, etc. Things to look back on. I also add tiny pictures, or quotes, or even Fortune cookie papers!
The black one is for work. I right in my hours, court days, document things, etc.
And the pink one is for my daily personal reminders. such as my kids' events, to do's etc,
family bdays, anniversaries, etc.
Thanks for stopping by! Have a great Saturday!!!

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