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Sunday, September 01, 2013

Happy September!

Good Sunday morning to you! Normally at this time I'd be in church. But my hubby had to go preach at a church out of town, and I stayed home to see our daughter off. She was visiting this weekend from college.
I haven't blogged in a month...for 2 main reasons: 1. My camera is acting snaps the photo, but then the photo just shows up black. And no..I don't have the lense cap on. he,he! and  2. I'm now working full time...8-5 everyday! I love my job and the extra income...but I'm really sad that I don't have my hours of crafting time. I REALLY miss crafting on a regular basis. :(

So I don't have any pictures of new crafts that I have, I don't really have any newly created  crafts.

So for today...lets just enjoy September 1st and saying Good-bye to summer and Hello to Fall!

Have a blessed Sunday!

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