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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Promise to give this another try....

A long time ago I thought about starting up a blog...but then life got busy. So I put it down and forgot about it---like we do with bills sometimes! Anyway, I've picked it back up and hope to continue and be more persisitent.

I don't really enjoy writing, so this may be tough. But I do like sharing my photos, crafts, cards, and more. So that will be the easy part for me!!!
Our weather has been great this's like a "fall preview". We have a chocolate lab, her name is Holly, and she is 11 months old. She loves going out for a ride and on this pretty day we took her out and she had a ball!!!

She loves sticking her head out the window and feeling the breeze!

We also had rain coming, so I got some pretty shots of that. Here they are:
And last, but not least......this is our new friend down the road. We'll call her "Bell"...cause we love
Blue Bell Ice Cream! LOL

Well, I'm off to start my day....wish me luck! We just never know what our day holds for us!!!LOL

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Softpencil Studios said...

Your dog is so sweet! ...and your cow too!
I live in a biiig city but I would love to live in the country, maybe some day my dreams come true :)
Anyway I´ll be visiting my husband´s family who lives in the country this weekend so I´m very happy!!!