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Friday, November 12, 2010

I hit the MOTHERLOAD of Christmas goodies!!!

I've had a busy, stressful week and really needed some shopping therapy! So, while my son was in class I visited his local Goodwill! You know how all these retail stores are pullling out their Christmas merchandise? Well, Goodwill is NO exception!!!
They had tons of goodies and I had a ton of fun shopping!!!
I will try to post pictures of all of my findings but for today, I will show you a bag of 40+ ornaments I got for $10!!! They were all brand new with the tags! They are by Encore and were originally priced from $4.99 up to $13.99 each!!! I was squealing with delight as I pulled them out of a tightly tied bag to discover each and every one of them! It was like a "grab bag" of ornaments!

The pink snow "girls" and stockings have a small wood piece on them for personalization, how  sweet is that!?

Thanks for visiting, have a Blessed Friday!!!!

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Happybee said...

they are super super cute!!!!