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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

More Inspiration from Meljen's Designs!!

Well, I've got GOOD news and I've got BAD news. I'll give you the GOOD news first!
It's Tuesday!!! So I've got some wonderful cards to show you from Meljen's Design Team!! They are all so awesome!
Now for the BAD news. My computer is still "shot", not working, nada!! The ONLY thing I can do is get on the internet. My hard drive is "non accessible" and so are all of my Windows programs, files, etc.  So I haven't been able to post any new pictures, cards, or play along with our wonderful Meljen's Design Team. {{sigh}}

I've been so sad. I did look at new computers yesterday. And I narrowed down to 2 computers. I now just need the "go ahead" from hubby that we can afford a new computer. You see, my oldest got really sick at the beginning of December, so we have stacking medical bills. Not fun! Thank God he will be fine, but now to dish out the $$ for tests. :(

So please bare with me...I've been working on some super cute Valentine's projects and cannot wait to share them with you!!!

For's some inspiration from Meljen's Designs DT Blog.

From Andrea:

From Cheryl:
Please click on the Whimsy link above and go check out more inspiration!!!

And please send good thoughts my way that I may get a NEW computer  VERY, VERY soon!!! Thank you!!!

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