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Saturday, August 18, 2012

She's leaving for college!

Well, just 2 more days before I drop our "baby" off at college! It's a bitter sweet moment for me! I am so sad about not having her home. No more friday night football (I loved watching her cheer), sharing nail polish, watching her bake. But I am excited about the new chapter in her life as a Texas Aggie!

We went shopping yesterday for those "college neccesseties", on the list was bath towels. She bought 4 bath towels in cute, bright colors. I suggested we personalize them in some way just in case any of her room mates bought the same colors.

Here's what we did. She found a "K" font that she liked and printed out in a pretty big size. Not sure what size she used, but you get the idea.
Then we ironed on some Heat Bond Lite to some fabric scraps she chose to go with her towels.

We ironed the "K" onto the towels and then I machine stitched them on to make the washable.

Pretty cute, huh?

Sorry about the "off" photos aren't as good as they should be. The pinkish towel is actually a pretty fuschia and the blue is a torquoise.

I was thinking as I was stitching these on...when she was going into PreK I would write her name on everything! And now, as she enters college, I'm still personalizing her stuff! LOL

These were fun and I'm sure she will enjoy using them and remembering the day we put them together!

I'm gonna miss you my Lil' Aggie, but I'm so proud of you and the adventures that lie ahead of you!

Thanks for visiting. Have a wonderful Saturday!

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Candace said...

These are adorable!!! I have to pin this idea!