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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Owl Obsessed--That's ME!

For some reason, I have always liked owls, and now you see them everywhere! I think I've really liked them for about the past 5 years, because for my 40th Bday, I asked for a James Avery Owl charm, which I'm not wearing today, so here's a stock photo.:

I am wearing my Owl Ring, which was a gift from a coworker:
She said she found this at Cato's on clearance for $2!!
So today I'm sharing my small collection here at work:
                             This little guy is a tart warmer but I use him to hold my paperclips.

The gray owl is from Bath&Body and holds my antibac and lights up with disco lights! Hey, he helps me keep the fun in my work day. The small yellow owl was a bday gift he holds some yummy coconut lotion, gotta keep my typing hands soft! The bright mug, with matching box was a bday gift from a coworker, and the fall owl mug was a bday gift from my boss! Ya..I've got a really nice boss! Perfect for my morning coffee. She got this at Bed, Bath and Beyond.
Here's a few more owls, a pink owl lollipop that I cannot bare to eat! Another tartwarmer and an owl photo holder.

And last but not Fall Owl collection. Courtesy of Dollar General. The white Owl Tart Warmer is from Better Homes & Garden, found this at WalMart last fall.
My mother told me that owls were really popular when I was little (in the late 70's), so I'm guessing that's where my love for Owls came from .
Thanks for stopping by! Have a blessed Thursday!



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