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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Nothing But Sunshine

We've been getting lots of rain these past few weeks but I am NOT complaining!! God knows south Texas needs lots of rain for the crops, animals, and water sources.

We had an awesome storm on Friday night. I was outside taking pictures with my tablet and spotted this enormous cloud....come to find out, after the fact, we were under a Tornado Warning. 
Thank God we were safe and there was no damage. I did get a great shot though:

But since then we have had nothing but beautiful sunshine. So that's my theme in my Filofax pink Calipso for this week. The stickers are from WalMart, they were part of an Easter set. The "Today I'm doing this" stamp is by Recollections.And that big Sun cutout was actually from a Bath & Body flyer I got in the mail. I thought it was so cute I kept it! The polka dotted washi is from Hobby daughter gave me samples. The yellow hold reinforcements are from Annie's Paper Boutique (online)

Thanks for visiting!!! Have an awesome Sunday!!!

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