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Monday, November 09, 2015

Journaling Bible: "Encourage One Another"

Good morning!! I am loving our November weather these past few days. Cool and breezy!!! A wonderful change from our hot, humid days. What a blessing to have such wonderful weather!!

Today I'd like to share this week's verse. 

1 THEL. 5:11
"Therefore encourage one another, and build up one another, just as you also are doing."

You can read more about Documented Faith and find each week's verse here:

I really enjoy reading these verses each week and thinking about how I can apply it to my life. 

Many times I have tried to build someone up by encouraging them, often times using God's word. And through my experiences I have found that most people are accepting of this and find it helpful, there a those that are not, and that's okay. I know in my heart, I tried to help them, if it's not accepted, I wash my hands of it, and keep going. I only pray for those that believe God is speaking to them when in actuality He may not be. 
I believe that if God is speaking to you, you can open your bible and find His words to confirm this....I've always been told "if it's NOT in the bible, than it's NOT God's will." I also beleive that the devil comes in many disguises. So we must be careful.

I know that God puts us in many situations to speak to others and "build them up". Encouraging someone in their faith can be a good thing, especially for someone going through a trying time. 

Let us remember to "build one another up" rather than tear eachother down. 
This can be done just about anywhere......after church while gathering to leave, at the grocery store, running errands, over the phone,  or even on social media sites.

These are the supplies I used...The patterned paper I used is by Cosmo Cricket. This came in a 4x4 paper pack called "Togetherness". I used it because of the stacked birds. To me, they are "building eachother up." Other supplies are from my scrapbooking/cardmaking days. Glad I kept those! 

I had to put my verse on the page before the actual verse, because I had already decorated that side. it is!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a blessed Monday!

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