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Saturday, February 20, 2016

That Darn "Crafting Bug"

Seriously! I'm supposed to be cleaning, but while cleaning, I will run into some stuff and think, "Hmmm, I could do something with this!" 

So there I go..I've been struck with the 

"Crafting Bug"
I put down the broom and pick up my glue gun!!!

I had bought this barn wood frame at the thrift store for about $1, the silver cross was a Christmas ornament I had bought but hadn't hung on the tree. The turquoise cross was a gift from a swap pal. I thought about adding it to a wreath, but while cleaning, I ran into these items and thought...I will put them all together somehow!!! Now, I am not a genius by any means, I had actually seen something similar on Pinterest (my obsession!) and pinned it knowing that I could whip it up with similar supplies. 

And here it is!! I cut up some burlap, found some cute animal print ribbon in my stash, and some brown burlap ribbon finished it off. 

I love it!!! And in a sense, I did some cleaning. These are a few items that I combined together and now I don't have to put them in their place. I can hang it on my wall and enjoy it!!!!

I'm sure my hubby would love if I caught the "Cleaning Bug" instead, but THIS makes me HAPPY!!!!

Have a blessed Saturday! 

*back to cleaning aka crafting I go!

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