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Monday, February 01, 2016

DIY Valentine's Day Banner

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday! On Sunday evening I was supposed to be cleaning my craft room aka guest room. 
Funny thing is, instead of cleaning, I get hit with the "Crafting Bug"! 
Ever had that happen to you??

With Valentine's Day coming up, I found a banner I had a bought at Target's Dollar's a super cute, ready to embellish banner for $1!! It came with 8 triangles to decorate, but I only needed 4, so now I have 4 left for another banner! 

As I was cleaning, I found lots of little things to put on m banner. A baggy of ribbons and trims.
A sheet of rhinestone stickers (left over from my Faith Banner), a jar of buttons and some twine.

I looked around for some letters to put on my banner and found a box of letters from my old scrapbooking days. The brand on these is Kurio. I was so disappointed because I couldn't find an "O"...BUT, I did find a "Q", SO, because I live out in the country and can't just run to the craft store, and because I was too lazy to look for more letters....I  trimmed it up to MAKE it an "O"!! And it worked!!!

I tried different trims of lace and ribbon until I liked what I saw. I then used my hot glue gun to attach all the cuties!

And I came up with this:

And here's my banner again!!! Very inexpensive and quick to put together. My favorite kind of crafting project!!

Have a blessed day!!!

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