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Thursday, January 28, 2016

MAMBI Happy Planner DIY Tutorial

Good Thursday to you!!! I hope you have had a wonderful week!! 
Today I'd like to share with you a simple DIY for your MAMBI Happy Planner. 

In February the new MAMBI Happy Planner IG Challenge begins on Instagram. You can get the list from their blog sidebar: MAMBI BLOG
I wanted to keep this list handy in my MAMBI and being able to move it through each new week:

Some may ask, "What is this challenge?" Its a challenge on Instagram, a social media site, where you share photos. So with this list, you post a photo a day for that particular word aka subject. For example on Feb. 1, you post a photo or "selfie" of yourself and type a brief introduction. day 2 Feb 2nd: sticker: Post a photo of your favorite sticker(s), etc.

I found these cute adhesive backed "pockets" at Target's $ Spot. Each package comes with 4 and they are $1. I planned on using them to hold photos in my planner, that way I could switch them out from time to time and move them around in my planner. 

But when I saw this challenge, I thought this pocket would work great for my list. 

I started out by picking some cardstock to put my pocket on. This is a scrap piece from a 4x4 paper pad. 

I used a pencil to mark where to punch my holes.

I used a standard hole puncher and punched the holes in place.

I then used my scissors to cut a "slat" on each side of the holes. This makes it "PoP" into my discs. The second slat I cut was a little too wide, but it still popped into the disc and stayed put.

I put my list into my pocket, and adhered it to my cardstock piece. 

Now I have my list for the month of February. I can also replace it with the next Challenge list!

Have a great day!!
Be blessed!!

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