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Sunday, January 24, 2016

DIY Banner Tutorial

Good Sunday evening to all of you!!! I didn't get much crafting done this weekend. It was a little busy this past week. 
But I do have lots of projects in mind for the near future. 

This evening I'm sharing a Banner Tutorial with you, requested by a young cousin of mine. Sofia is attending college and wants to decorate her dorm with a cute banner. I am flattered that she asked ME to show her how to make her own banner! 
So here you go Sofia, this one is for YOU!!! 

This is the Faith Banner I made and have hanging in my office. I made this a few months ago, so looking around in my mess for the exact supplies I used was nearly impossible. But I can show you some items I used or have used to make some quick, easy, and inexpensive banners.

For the banner above I used the plain Kraft banner pieces by AM (American Crafts), I found these at Joann Fabrics, but you can also find them at WalMart (red chevron one is from Walmart) and Target $1 spot has a cute variety too! These are great because they are reversible! So if I don't use the Red Chevron print, I can flip it over and use the plain Kraft side. I found the triangular shaped banner with white heart doilies and red twine for $1!! 
Targets $ spot is the way to go!!

Then I looked around my old scrapbooking stash and found some letters. You can use stickers, Poster Letter Pads (WalMart) or again....Target's $ spot has some cute fabric letter stickers for $3!!!

To decorate your banner you can use anything...for this banner I used white and black vintage seam binding. I found this whole roll at the thrift store for .50 cents! For the banner above I used these stickers, some I cut apart to stick on each banner flag. 
But you can use anything to decorate your banner, stickers, buttons, lace, ribbon, beads, rhinestones, etc!!!

The circles were cut with a Cricut machine and stencil, But you can cut circles by hand if you wish. You can also find some large stickers at WalMart if you don't want to cut scrapbooking paper. Think of using some Circle Chalk Stickers found at (WalMart).
I used glue dots and glue tape to adhere my pieces. You can also use a glue stick or double sided tape. 

I've had this cricut since my cardmaking/scrapbooking days. Bought it with a 40% off coupon at Michael's Craft Store. 

And pictured below are some goodies I found at Goodwill this past weekend! I am thinking of upcycling them into some cute projects!!!
Check back for the transformation!!!

Have a blessed week! And Happy Crafting!!!

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