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Friday, July 09, 2010

Awesome Thrifty Finds!

So today it was raining...again, so I decided to head on over to a nearby thrift store. I had $17 in my pocket. I was on  a mission to find fabric and a child's pair of jeans.
And look what I found today:
It was a great bargain at $7. I loved the curvy details on it, it's heavy and has the hammered metal look. I pictured it a dark brown, bronze, or black. 
BUT.....HOLD the BUS!!!!!!!!!! Guess what I noticed about my light fixture AFTER I got home! 
It goes on the bottom of a ceiling fan! It's not just  a light fixture like I thought. I feel so silly!!! 
It's so pretty, but how I would I attach it to the ceiling, and would the wiring work the same?? Oh well.
My next wonderful bargain was this lamp, for $3! I'm going to take it apart and paint the gold a different color. I'm also going to redo the lampshade. **Watch for updates. 

And I got some yummy fabric and zippers and....a pretty white, eyelet dress!!!

Vintage fabric pillowcase, so nice and soft, a table runner and lots of zippers!!!

White, Aeropostale eyelet dress. So pretty for my daughter. 

So...those were my bargains for today!!! All this for $14!!! I had $3 left for a Sonic drink!LOL
 Can't wait to get creating and re-purposing!!!
Thanks for visiting!!!


Unknown said...

Awesome finds! I want pictures of the finish products!! Amazing what you can get for so little! Happy creating!

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Love the ceiling fan light fixture! You can send it to me LOL! I'd love to find something like that to dress up my bedroom ceiling fan!


Rhiannon said...

dont you hate when that happens! hahaha
speaking of lighting Im having a giveaway come check it out!