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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Glass Jars and a Somethingyacallit

Yesterday was quite an eventful day for me, for my son, I dropped him off at college for 4 days of Freshman orientation! Yep, my little guy is going off to college...just like Andy from Toy Story 3. {{{{sigh}}}} ease my depression I decided to soothe myself with a trip to Goodwill! I found some cute jars and a "Some thing ya call it"...yep, I don't know what the heck it is..but it was unique and it caught my eye, and it came home with me!
Love my Mason Jar with a "Texas" star in the center!! The next one has fruit embossed shapes on the glass, I've already washed it up and put kool-aid packets in it! And I love, love the color of the blue jar. I have the lid, but laid it down somewhere and can't find it!LOL

And then I found this: But I don't know what it is!!!LOL I told my daughter it would make a
cute Jewelry holder...she rolled her eyes at me!! Or...some kind of displaying thing for my booth at the shop.  I don't know...what do you think??
I also found some cute candle/votive holders. The glass votive didn't come with either one of them,
but it works great with both!

And...I found this pretty fabric shower curtain. I've been wanting to get rid of my current one and for $4, I couldn't pass this one up! I love aqua and chocolate brown together!

After all this shopping I was still missing my son.....but felt somewhat better!! 
Thanks for visiting today!!!

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Thanh Vo said...

Good finds there!!! I really like that shower curtain!