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Thursday, July 01, 2010

Feeling a bit Creative Today!

I guess we can blame it on the rain! Thank you Hurricane Alex!!! I am supposed to be cleaning today but I had this "creative itch" and just wanted to sew, embellish, and make cards!!! There is just not enough hours in my day for me to finish all my little projects!! I will show you a few that I made today.
I bought some plain pink onsies and embellished them with fabric. I can call this one my own design because I drew the cupcake all by myself.
And here's another onsie...I drew this flower too!

I also got these plain booties:
And added some vintage trim to the bottom of them:

I guess I really should get busy with some housecleaning! After...I finish my 4th of July cards!!! 


Colleen { HappyLittleArt } said...

Adorable little onesies!!! Too Cute!!

Unknown said...

These are really cute! Love the onesies and booties are so dang cute!

Unknown said...

These are so cute!

Cathy said...

I LOVE the cupcake onesie! It would be perfect for a little girls 1st birthday party! Thanks for stopping by and commenting:)