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Friday, June 24, 2011

Let's Play a Game!

It's a guessing game of sorts. I thought it would fun! You see, the other day I ran into the thrift store and found some really cute things! Problem is...I'm not sure what some of them are! LOL

So here's the first picture. I think it's a DVD holder, but some of the slats are not tall enough for DVD's.
?????? Your guess is as good as mine. ???????????

I think it's pretty cute...and it's unique don'ta think?

Okay, here's another cute find:

I thought this would work sitting on top of my new found lazy susan w/ scrapping supplies. But what is it really?LOL

Now...I know this is a mug rack...

But I was thinking of painting it and make it a "Bling Rack"!

And last, but not least. I found a really great desk for my daughter's room. It's solid maple, and for $45, I thought it was a steal! She wants to paint it black and add glass hardware.
I'll be back with "after" photos of this soon.

So..I have no idea what the top 2 photos are...but I had lots of fun thrifting!

Have a wonderful Friday!!!!

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Anonymous said...

I know this is an old post (I just came across your blog), but I actually have mystery item #2. It is a holder for a scrapbook scissors set (got mine from Costco). :)