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Monday, September 15, 2014

Meet our Rescue Dogs

Good Monday to you! I'd like you meet our 2 rescue dogs. We've had them a little over  a week. They were thrown along a busy country road intersection. By the time we got to them, we estimate they had been there for about a week. 
The brown dog had been hit by car/truck at some time, and will need medical attention to tend to his leg. 
The white dog was in dire need of a grooming. His fur was severely matted and his nails were so long!
Both were covered in fleas. 

The Capture: We had to lure them closer to us, and gain their trust. They were hungry, thirsty and scared.
The brown dog was easier to catch, then the little white one. Both are males, not yet  neutered.
We had to use our black poodle, Bella, to lure the little white poodle over to us. He was curious about her, so it took us about 30 mins to gain his trust and catch him.

Both were taken to a local shelter, but because she is extremely filled to capacity, we agreed to foster them until they are well enough to find permanent loving homes.
Judy Bunn, of Judy's Ark gave them a look over, some shots and some grooming. 

HE did not enjoy this at ALL!!! He had never been groomed and this was traumatic for him, no matter how gentle we tried being with him. 

Here he is after a good groom from head to toe, this service was donated by Ginna Quinn of Fresh and Clean Dog Grooming. She donated her time and services to get him all handsome looking. He looks and feels much better!!!

And this is him relaxing this weekend. He doesn't have a name yet, he is about 1 to 1 1/2 years old and as sweet and playful as he can be!

The brown dog is under a year old, but spends his day resting due to his leg hurting. He will be seen by the vet this week. 
Hopefully these 2 boys will be adopted out together, since they are so close to eachother. When one is not around, the other howls until they are reunited. Hope they get a good, loving home soon.

Check back later this week for their update!

Thanks for visiting. 
Have a great day!

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