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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Update on the Rescue Pups

Well, I've had these 2 guys for almost 3 weeks now, and they seem to be doing really well. 
They've gotten all their shots and were neutered last week. Recovery seems to be going well. 

We are giving them love and hugs, and tummy rubs.....hope they find a loving, forever home soon. 
They deserve it!!

This poor guy, was hit by an automobile at some time. He suffered a dislocated hip joint, and all ligaments in his knee were torn. His hip was put back in socket and for now, he is on medication. 

This little guy, nicknamed by our groomer: HANDSOME, is adjusting well. 

The two boys are so attached to eachother, I would love to see them get adopted together. 

I let Handsome in on Sunday, his favorite spot is on the couch with me.
I had Bella our black poodle at my shoulders, and Handsome at my feet. 
Aren't they so sweet!? 

Have a wonderful Thursday!!!

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