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Monday, April 05, 2010

Happy Monday!

Whew!! We have survived another Easter! And how great it was! The Lord has Risen!! I love starting out my Easter morning with sunrise service at 6am. I love hearing the sermon about Jesus' resurrection. And then, finishing off the service with a delicious breakfast! Then...we head home for a morning nap...and we all rise and are ready to go to enjoy our Easter day!!! It was great! it's Monday and my "Honey To Do" List is so long! I hope I have enough hours in my day to finish it  off!!!
I'd like to start my day by reading up on some of my favorite blogs! This one caught my eye because she is giving away some awesome Blog Candy! Yep, Kellie has this awesome Swiss Pixies Kit to give away!
I hope I win!!!! :)
Best of luck to you!!

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