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Friday, October 21, 2011

Road Trip!!!

Our weather has just been SPECTACULAR, thank God! Cooler temps and beatiful sun! So..what do we do with days like this? We take a ROAD TRIP!!! My husband and I decided to jump in our Mustang convertible and take a trip north of here to Fredricksburg, Texas. Beautiful place!

We headed up to Enchanted Rock. Not sure what we would find when we got there..but was an adventure!

Along the way we stopped a small general store, where we met "Jack", their store "keeper".
Jack is on the left...he really liked our Bella!

After picking up a Big Red and a pack of peanuts...we were on our way again.

Here we are!

Of course, I thought we were out for a day of shopping, not hiking. So we were not dressed for the occassion, but we did take a short walk along the trails so our Bella could amuse the deer! LOL

We had a great time there, just relaxing and enjoying the quietness of the country. No cell phones ringing, blasting stereos, honking horns...just nature and some clean, fresh air.

We finished our trip off with a couple of hours of window shopping, jam tasting, pretzel dipping, and buying a few goodies here and there!

Thanks for visiting today! Have a wonderful Friday!

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