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Thursday, October 27, 2011

We Want to Know Wednesday Week 28

I SOOO missed this by a day, but better late than never! I'm adjusting to life with a retired husband..not much "ME" time anymore. But all is good! LOL

I'm new at this, but really wanted to play along, so here it goes.


1. Do you shop til you drop, or are you in and out as quick as possible?
        I shop till I drop.....and there's no stopping me!!!

2. Are you a price conscious shopper? I would think so. I use coupons, look for sales, so I can be a pretty smart shopper. :)

3. What store could you spend HOURS in?  Hobby Lobby or a really, nice and clean Goodwill! I love hunting for treasures.

4. What is the most frivolous purchase you have ever made?
  Hmmm, probably my Ipad. I love electronics, and I love my IPAD! I use it daily!!!

5. What was the last thing you bought for yourself?
   A cricut machine on Ebay. Been wanting one forever. Bought it 2 months ago, and I've used it once! LOL
But..I will use it more often for the holidays.

Well, that was fun! Wanna play along? Hop on over to Mamarazzi's Dandelion Wishes and add your link.

Have a wonderful Thursday night, and Friday!

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