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Sunday, November 02, 2014

Week 45 in my Planner and Some Rescue Dogs.

This week in my planner I am using this cute dog character I just discovered: Boofle. Why? Well, read below:

About 2 months ago, we discovered these dogs on a busy farm road. Someone had dumped them there to fend for themselves.It took some coaxing but we finally got them to trust us and we put them in our truck and brought them home. 

With the help of our local shelter: Judy's Ark and local groomer Fresh and Clean Dog Grooming, they were cleaned up, neutered, and given all shots. They were ready to be adopted into a forever, loving home. 

We decided to keep the little one, he was named by our groomer: "Handsome". He got along really well with our black poodle Bella, so we decided to make him a part of our family. 

Sadly, we could not keep them both. We already have 4 other dogs of our own. 

Here's the before and after photos:

                    This was back in September when we found them. They slept in brush and among trash. As 18 wheelers and traffic went by them, they sat and waited for their owners to come back. 

I named this one Hank, he is up for adoption at the San Antonio Human Society.

And this is Handsome today:

And these are my planner pages for this honor of Hank!
These stickers are super cute. The dog's name is Boofle. Found them at WalMart in the card section. 
 I've never heard of this character, but
to me, he resembles Hank. A dog I am thankful I got to help.

This is in my personal size Ochre Malden. 

and in my A5 Pink Domino.

Have a wonderful Sunday!!

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