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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Who Rescued Who?

My son sent me this sign the other night that said, "Who Rescued Who?"

He said it reminded him of me and our new rescue: Handsome. I guess it's true to some point, because when I'm holding him, or playing with him, I think to myself...who's happier, Me? or Handsome? LOL

This was "Hank" and "Handsome" (we named them because they had no tags) back in September when we found them along a busy intersection about 5 miles out of town. 
Hank is up for adoption at the San Antonio Human Society, I still worry about 
him. I KNOW he's in good hands there, but I just hope and pray he finds a forever loving home. 
We had 3 big dogs already, and just could not keep both of them.

And this is Handsome. He gets along well with our poodle Bella. They play together which is big plus, because Bella needed a playmate. 

Have a blessed Wednesday!

Thanks again to Judy's Ark and Fresh and Clean Dog Grooming for all their help!
(links are on the Nov. 2nd post)

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