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Friday, September 09, 2016

Bible Journaling: Col. 3:12-17

Good afternoon! Feels so wonderful to be off from work and getting things done around the house. Life got pretty hectic there for a bit so I hadn't posted in a while. I worked on this a couple of weeks ago. It was Week 36 at Documented Faith.  
Due to my lack of energy lately and frankly not feeling well, I colored in the printed image and used washi tape to adhere to my page. I used a pretty piece of cardstock on the back of it to give it stability. 
The subject was COMPASSION, which often times, depending on how my life is going, I lack. 
I can probably show animals more compassion than humans. Maybe because they are more accepting. 
 Here is the back of the printed image...I wanted to keep it, so I could read it and read it again! 

Thanks for stopping by! The next theme word is TEACH! This one is going to be really good because I could use alot of TEACHING!


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