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Saturday, September 10, 2016

DIY: Fabric Pumpkins

Just in time for FALL weather! Well, atleast for some of you! I'm in south Texas so Fall won't really arrive til' maybe October!! But just looking at all the Fall decor puts me in the mood to craft and get ready for all the pretty fall colors!

The other day I was gifted an Orange Pancho Wrap, it was too big for me but was really nice. I looked at it a bit and would make some cute pumpkins!!! 

So, I got on Pinterest and started looking for a pattern, because I wasn't sure if my idea of putting a plate down on the fabric and tracing around it would work. 

I did find this one and it looked so fast and easy:
Fabric Pumpkins.

Here they are:

The only things I purchased was the Fiber Fill (stuffing) $3.74 and Green Burlap leaves $1.34 for 6, both from WalMart. 

The pancho was free, and I had the brown yarn, wine corks and twine. 

Then, since I was having such fun making these, I made some small ones:

Thanks for stopping by!!
Wishing you a wonderful Saturday!


Sammy said...

this is lovely :)


Wonderful Pumpkins. The leaves finish them off beautifully. Marion x

Country Mouse said...

Sammy and SUSSEXMOUSE...thank you for your kind comments. :)