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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Week 52:Planning for Christmas Week

Boy, this is gonna be a busy week. And honestly, I am not ready for Christmas!!! How many times in our lives are we actually ready for this big day?? 
It's not the shopping that is overwhelming's the preparing. Wrapping, cleaning house, getting gifts out, cooking, etc. And to make matters worse I have been under the weather, my voice is gone, congestion, cough, name it. I just want to get to the day, enjoy it, and have it be over. :) help keep me organized this week, I've got my Personal size Ochre Malden:

I cut some cardstock down to use it as  a "base" to hold my "to-do" list. This is where I jot down all those things I will have to do. back to my busy evening. Hoping to have some quiet time to work in my journaling bible. 

Hello from our rescue dog:

he's the love of my life.........

Have a blessed Sunday evening.

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